Quest:Cultists at our Doorstep

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Alliance 32 Cultists at our Doorstep
StartWatcher Mahar Ba
EndWatcher Mahar Ba
Level55 (Requires 54)
CategoryBlasted Lands
Rewards[Sandals of the Shadowsworn] or
[Spell Focus Shoulderguards] or
[Belt of Occult Horrors] or
[Mahar's Gift]
85 Silver
PreviousWatcher Mahar Ba
NextKasim Sharim


Obtain 6 Intact Shadowsworn Spell Foci from Shadowsworn Spellblades and Shadowsworn Occultists in the Blasted Lands.


You may have already run into some of the Shadowsworn cultists that dwell in the caves just to the southwest of Nethergarde. They do not impress an immediate danger upon our fortress, but I fear that they are planning something more dreadful than you can imagine.

The low-ranking members carry spell foci that might hold an answer. Bring some back to me intact, if you can wrench them from the cultists' hands.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
[Sandals of the Shadowsworn] [Spell Focus Shoulderguards]
[Belt of Occult Horrors] [Mahar's Gift]

You will also recieve: 85 Silver

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