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Neutral 32 Dark Iron Legacy
StartFranclorn Forgewright
EndMonument of Franclorn Forgewright
Level52 (Requires 48)
CategoryBlackrock Depths
Experience11000 (66 Silver at level 70)
Rewards[Shadowforge Key]
2 Gold 30 Silver
Previous Neutral 15  [52D] Dark Iron Legacy (1)


Slay Fineous Darkvire and recover the great hammer, [Ironfel]. Take Ironfel to the Shrine of Thaurissan and place it on the statue of Franclorn Forgewright.


You will find Fineous Darkvire beyond the Ring of Law, in the Hall of Crafting. Kill the miserable cur and recover Ironfel.

Take Ironfel to the Shrine of Thaurissan and place the hammer in its rightful place: In the hands of the statue erected in my honor.

When this is done, the compartment in which I stored the master key will open. More importantly, Ironfel will remain forever in my grasp. Should they make an attempt to remove the hammer; both the statue and hammer will shatter, lost forever.


The statue looms ominously above you.


The hammer slides firmly into place, within the grasp of the massive Dark Iron monument. A tiny compartment opens at the base of the statue. Inside you find...



While the standard quest completion background is parchment, the background for quest completion with the monument is a granite pattern.

Quest progression

  1. Neutral 15  [52D] Dark Iron Legacy (1)
  2. Neutral 15  [52D] Dark Iron Legacy (2)

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