Quest:Devourer of Souls (Orgrimmar)

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For other uses, see Devourer of Souls (disambiguation).
Horde 32 Devourer of Souls (Horde) (2)
StartGan'rul Bloodeye
Level20 (Requires 20)
Experience160 EXP (or 90Copper at level 70)
NextOfficial horde mini-icon [20] Blind Cazulω τ ϖ


Speak with Cazul in the Cleft of Shadow.


The time has come for you to learn more of the summoning magics. You will learn to summon a succubus, a creature of incredible mental powers. It can lull those of weak minds into its servitude--but have no fear! I feel certain that you will be equal to the challenge. A succubus can only be summoned when baited with an item that represents great devotion and love. I leave it to you to find such an object. A suggestion? Speak with Cazul... There seems to be little the ancient warlock does not know.


Hm... <name>. You are still new to your path, but I sense the possibility for greatness in you. You were born with gifts, <name>. See that they do not go to waste.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 160 XP (or 90Copper at level 70)

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