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Alliance 32 Disarmament
StartDefender Mordun
EndDefender Mordun
Level71 (Requires 70)
CategoryUtgarde Keep
Rewards[Amulet of the Tranquil Mind] or [Razor-Blade Pendant] or [Necklace of Fragmented Light] or [Woven Steel Necklace]
0 Gold 0 Silver

Objectives Edit

Defender Mordun wants you to enter Utgarde Keep and steal 5 Vrykul Weapons.

Description Edit

Take it from me, <lad/lass>, them vrykul weapons be downright nasty!

I've felt their edge personally, and there be somethin' unnatural about 'em. Deceptively well-balanced, wickedly sharp - just plain deadly.

Get into their stronghold and if nuthin' else, pilfer some o' them weapons! Mebbe we can learn us a thing 'er two about 'em, mebbe not.

Bottom line - the fewer axes they be swingin' around, the better.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
[Amulet of the Tranquil Mind] [Razor-Blade Pendant]
[Necklace of Fragmented Light] [Woven Steel Necklace]

Progress Edit

You pinch a load a' them vrykul axes?

Completion Edit

<Mordun whistles.>

Will ya just look at 'em? Incredible.

I half expected these neanderthals to be swingin' around clubs and throwin' rock.

No such luck...

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