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== External links ==
==External links==
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Neutral 32 Draenethyst Crystals
Requires Level 30
Experience2,200 XP
or 13Silver20Copper at Level 90

Objectives Edit

Bring 6 Draenethyst crystals to Magtoor at The Harborage in the Swamp of Sorrows.

Description Edit

The lost ones who live in the Fallow Sanctuary look as we look, but they are monsters... driven mad by the rigors of our journey to Azeroth. Once our brethren, they now live in the Fallow Sanctuary to the east, catching or killing any who wander near.

And they have stolen something sacred to us--draenethyst crystals.

We lack the force to enter the Fallow Sanctuary and reclaim our stolen draenethyst from among their huts and campfires, but without those crystals... we too may lose our way.

Progress Edit

Do you have the crystals?

Completion Edit

Thank you, <name>.  We, are in your debt.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 2200 XP (or 16Silver 80Copper at level 70)

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