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Items needed:
Items needed:
*10 {{loot|Common|Gray Bear Tongue}}
*10 {{item|icon=|Gray Bear Tongue}}
*1 {{loot|Common|Creeper Ichor}}
*1 {{item|icon=|Creeper Ichor}}
== Quest Text ==
== Quest Text ==

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Horde 32 Elixir of Suffering
StartApothecary Lydon
EndApothecary Lydon
Requires Level 19
CategoryHillsbrad Foothills
Experience180 XP
or 1Silver8Copper at Level 90
NextElixir of Suffering (2)

Objectives Edit

Apothecary Lydon of Tarren Mill wants 10 Gray Bear Tongues and some Creeper Ichor.

Items needed:

Quest Text Edit

Ah, another wretched day in Tarren Mill. All of this clean air puts me in such a foul mood, <name>.

The sooner we can plague the humans here, the better. I've been conducting intense studies on possible killing agents to use in my concoctions but I haven't the time to collect them all.

If you want to make yourself of use, procure the following items for me: 10 Gray Bear Tongues and the very rare and hard to find, Creeper Ichor. You'll find both bears and creepers just outside of Tarren Mill.

Details Edit

  • The tongues drop off the Gray Bears found throughout Hillsbrad Foothills.
  • The ichor has a small chance to drop off any Moss Creeper in the region.

Reward Edit

You receive: 1Silver 50Copper

Quest progressionEdit

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