Quest:Enchanted Thorium Platemail: Volume III

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Neutral 32 Enchanted Thorium Platemail: Volume II
StartInv misc book 01 [Enchanted Thorium Platemail]
EndLorekeeper Lydros
Requires Level 60
Experience6600 (87Silver at level 70) XP
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ReputationShen'dralar +500
Rewards[Plans: Enchanted Thorium Helm]

Objectives Edit

Return the book to its rightful owners.

Description Edit

The tome carries the mark of the Athenaeum.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:
Inv scroll 05

Progress Edit

You have recovered a tome!

Completion Edit

Well done, my boy.

<Lorekeeper Lydros tears out a page from the book.>

I am sure you can make use of this recipe.

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