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Alliance 32 Essential Artificials
StartKlockmort Spannerspan
EndKlockmort Spannerspan
Requires Level 24
Experience3,650 XP
or 21Silver89Copper at Level 90
Reputation+500 Gnomeregan Exiles
PreviousKlockmort's Essentials

Official alliance mini-icon [30] Klockmort's Essentials leads up to this quest, but is not a direct prerequisite.


Bring 12 Essential Artificials to Klockmort Spannerspan in Ironforge.

Quest Text

A nigh-universal mechanical component -- the essential artificial -- was of great use to the tinkers and smiths of Gnomeregan. But during the frantic exodus from our city, no one remembered to take any of these devices with them! And I need a large supply of them for work I will soon undertake.

Please, go into Gnomeregan and get me some essential artificials. You'll find them in the deeper areas of our city, held in containers called artificial extrapolators.

Thank you, <name>, and please hurry!


Do you have the essential artificials?


You got them! Now I can begin my new experiments!

I can't thank you enough, <name>! Your bravery has advanced gnomish research by a leap and a bound!



The extrapolators look like 6' tall steam-powered closets. Each one yields up a single Artificial Extrapolator. A full run of Gnomeregan should allow the full party to get the extrapolators they need to complete this quest.

Sources dispute how much experience this quest yields, from 310 at a low to 3650 as a high.

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