Quest:Excavation Progress Report

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Alliance 32 Excavation Progress Report
StartProspector Ironband
EndJern Hornhelm
Level15 (Requires 10)
CategoryLoch Modan
Experience270 EXP (or 1Silver 50Copper at level 70)
Reputation+25 Ironforge
NextReport to Ironforge

This quest is the start of the quest chain Ironband's Blastpowder.

Objectives Edit

Bring Ironband's Progress Report to Jern Hornhelm in Thelsamar.

Quest text Edit

I need a progress report sent to Thelsamar - a progress report, and a restatement of my request for more blastpowder! Here's the report. Take it to Jern Hornhelm. He's our local contact in Thelsamar.

It's not a difficult task, but it must be done.

Progress Edit

Oh, a progress report from the site? Very good!

Completion Edit

Bah! Ironband's having trouble with the Troggs. I wonder if he wants that blastpowder to aid his digging, or to aid his efforts against the Trogg beasts...

Well, either way it's powder well spent!

But what's strange is, I sent him plenty of blastpowder weeks ago. I wonder where it went...

Rewards Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [15] Excavation Progress Report
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [15] Report to Ironforge
  3. Official alliance mini-icon [15] Powder to Ironband
  4. Official alliance mini-icon [15] Resupplying the Excavation
  5. Official alliance mini-icon [15] After the Ambush
  6. Official alliance mini-icon [15] Protecting the Shipment

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