Quest:Favored of Elune?

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Alliance 32 Favored of Elune?
StartErelas Ambersky
EndErelas Ambersky
Level47 (Requires 40)

Task Edit

Collect 15 Wildkin Feathers from the Hinterlands for Erelas Ambersky in Rut'theran Village.

Wildkin are quite unpredictable creatures, <name>. Capable of incredible gentleness, these creatures will show extreme ferocity if something they deem important is threatened.

These beasts are rumored to have been created by Elune, and I am interested in finding if this is really the truth.

Recently, I heard about a population of wildkin living in the Hinterlands -- Vicious, Primitive, and Savage Owlbeasts. They can be found amongst the wildlife there. Will you gather some Wildkin Feathers for me?

Reward Edit

  • 1Gold 35Silver
  • 420-6050 XP

Notes Edit

Feathers are scattered all over the region. Specific locations include:
15.9, 54.8
22.9, 54.9
24.8, 54.0
26.3, 52.9
27.7, 54.3
31.0, 54.4
31.5, 54.8
34.0, 58.0
37.3, 50.2
37.5, 46.1
42.5, 54.4
43.2, 56.1
43.9, 59.3
33.1, 60.4
31.8, 63.9

(see Map coordinates)

This quest is part of a chain.

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