Quest:Feegly the Exiled

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Alliance 32 Feegly the Exiled
StartMarley Twinbraid
EndMarley Twinbraid
Level34 (Requires 32)
CategorySouthern Barrens
Rewards[Bael Modan Shoulders] or
[Feegly's Shroud] or
[Misery's End]
35 Silver

Objectives Edit

Kill Feegly the Exiled in the Bael Modan Digsite.

Description Edit

Saddest story I ever heard told, <name>. Feegly was one of our fastest diggers, until he got a hold of that - thing. "The Tear of the Moons" we called it. It changed him. Remade him. I wish it had stayed buried.

Feegly was banished from Bael Modan but I've heard reports he's come sniffing around the dig site again. He's suffered enough, the wretched thing. If you find him down there, put ol' Feegly out of his misery.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
[Bael Modan Shoulders] [Feegly's Shroud]
[Misery's End]

You will also receive: 35 Silver

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