Quest:Fueling the Demolishers (Horde, Wintergrasp)

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Horde 32 Fueling the Demolishers
StartSiegesmith Stronghoof
EndSiegesmith Stronghoof
Level80 (Requires 78)
TypeWeekly PvP
Rewards10 [Stone Keeper's Shard]
412 Pvpcurrency-honor-horde[citation needed]
7Gold 40Silver (+13Gold 23Silver at level 80)


Siegesmith Stronghoof in Wintergrasp wants you to retrieve 10 Eternal Embers from Alliance players at the Cauldron of Flames.


Lok'tar, <name>! While the battle may have subsided, we must prepare to retake the fortress! Travel to the Cauldron of Flames in south eastern Wintergrasp and retrieve ten eternal embers.

The embers are mixed in with coal to fuel the Demolishers and Siege Engines.

We've heard reports of Alliance pigs collecting the embers all day. Slay them and take their embers! If they have already abandoned the area, then be prepared to fight the fire elementals there until you find some!


You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver
(+13Gold 23Silver at level 80)
Inv misc platnumdisks
10x [Stone Keeper's Shard]


Excellent! That should put a dent in their war machines!


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