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Neutral 32 Gahz'ridian
StartMarvon Rivetseeker
EndMarvon Rivetseeker
Level48 (Requires 43)
Rewards[Staff of Lore] or
[Surveyor's Tunic]

Objectives Edit

Marvon Rivetseeker in Tanaris wants you to collect 30 Gahz'ridian Ornaments.

Description Edit

<name>, I'm a scientist, but also a treasure hunter at heart!

Long ago, when trolls used to occupy this land, they created large amounts of ornaments modeled after Gahz'rilla, a hydra they worshipped as a deity. These ornaments are carved out of an element that I call "Gahz'ridian," after the hydra god.

I did find some myself, but I'd like to have some more to study -- maybe you can find some?

I even invented a detector that makes finding the Gahz'ridian a snap! Just put it on, and the search begins!

Progress Edit

Are you having any trouble?

You can find Gahz'ridian just about anywhere in Tanaris, <name>, so keep looking!

Completion Edit

Perfect; these ornaments are perfect for my studies. Thanks so much for the help, <name>.

Oh, can I get my helmet back?

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv staff 27

Gains Edit


Gahz'ridian ornaments can be found all over the desert, but they are particularly concentrated around Broken Pillar, Eastmoon Ruins and Southmoon Ruins.

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