Quest:High Mountain the Elder

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Neutral 32 High Mountain the Elder
StartNeutral 15 Elder High Mountain
EndNeutral 15 Elder High Mountain
Level1 (Requires 1)
CategoryLunar Festival
ReputationAlliance 15 Alliance:

Horde 15 Horde:

Rewards[Coin of Ancestry]


Your spirit burns with life, young <class>.  I accept the homage you pay, and offer in return this token...


You will receive:
Inv misc elvencoins
[Coin of Ancestry]

Location and other information

Elder High Mountain is located in Camp Taurajo, approximately 45.11, 57.88. This Elder, like all of the others, is illuminated by a shaft of light from the sky. This Elder gives the locations of Elder Bloodhoof and Elder Morningdew. Moved since Cataclysm. Coords are now 41.5, 47.5.

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