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For the dwarf quest, see Hold the Line!.
Alliance 32 Hold the Line
StartPrince Liam Greymane
EndPrince Liam Greymane
Experience450 XP
or 2Silver70Copper at Level 90
Reputation+250 Gilneas
Rewards[Repeller's Bracers] or [Gilnean Soldier's Waistband]
PreviousKill or Be Killed
NextHolding Steady

Objectives Edit

Kill 10 Forsaken Invaders.

Description Edit

<name>! I'm still not sure if you're alive or dead... human or worgen...

I'm not even sure if I'm really awake. But THIS I am sure of...

We're going to kill a great many of these motherless Forsaken.

Progress Edit

These blaggards aren't so tough now, are they?

Completion Edit

Yes, <name>! Just like old times...

I'm going to have to work hard at not shooting you, but Krennan explained everything to us.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

You will also be able to choose one of the following:

Inv bracer 73v3
[Repeller's Bracers]
Inv belt 84v4
[Gilnean Soldier's Waistband]


Quest progressionEdit

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [5] Last Chance at Humanity
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [5] Among Humans Again
  3. Official alliance mini-icon [5] In Need of Ingredients
  4. Official alliance mini-icon [5] Invasion
  5. Official alliance mini-icon [5] Kill or Be Killed
  6. Official alliance mini-icon [5] Hold the Line / Official alliance mini-icon [5] You Can't Take 'Em Alone
  7. Official alliance mini-icon [5] Holding Steady
  8. Official alliance mini-icon [6] The Allens' Storm Cellar
  9. Official alliance mini-icon [6] Unleash the Beast / Official alliance mini-icon [6] Two By Sea / Official alliance mini-icon [6] Save the Children!
  10. Official alliance mini-icon [6] Leader of the Pack

Patch historyEdit

Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added

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