Quest:Honor and Strength

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Neutral 32 Honor and Strength
Level42 (Requires 39)
CategoryEastern Plaguelands
PreviousZaeldarr the Outcast
NextOut of the Ziggurat

Objectives Edit

Pass Vex'tul's test of strength.

Description Edit

My name is Vex'tul, and I have watched you fight, <race>. You are strong.

You killed my master, Zaeldarr, but this does not bother me. I value strength over any loyalty that I held for him. I value strength over anything else.

Prove to me one final time your strength, <race>. Do so, and I will lend you MY strength for whatever purpose you may desire.

Progress Edit

Honor means nothing. Strength is everything.

Completion Edit

Yes, you are indeed strong... and I submit to you.

I will join you and your friend, the worgen. My strength is yours.

Rewards Edit

You will recieve: 55Silver

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