Quest:Honoring the Dead

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Horde 32 Honoring the Dead
Start Official horde mini-icon  Winnoa Pineforest
End Official horde mini-icon  Winnoa Pineforest
Level33 (Requires 30)
CategorySouthern Barrens
Reputation+250 Thunderbluff
Rewards35 Silver

Objectives Edit

Use the Spell shaman totemrecall  [Funerary Totem] on the corpses of Krulmoo, Dranh, Yonada, and Omusa in the Ruins of Taurajo.

Provided item:

Description Edit

With the immediate threat gone, can you help with some grim business?

We tauren do not bury our dead, we prepare the body for its return to the elements and place it at our sacred grave sites. Those killed in the Taurajo massacre have had no funeral, and I worry misguided Alliance soldiers will burn the bodies of the dead before the proper rites have been performed.

<name>, please take this totem to Taurajo and perform services for Krulmoo, Dranh, Yonada, and Omusa. They ... didn't make it out of there.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 35 Silver

Progress Edit

Have their spirits found peace with the Earthmother?

Completion Edit

<Winnoa bows her head.>

Gains Edit

Notes Edit


  • Omusa's Spirit says: No, stay with the others. Escort them north, away from the fighting. I will stay here with the wyverns and cover your escape. Go!
  • Omusa's Spirit says: ...wait, it is over? I've been run through... Ah. Of course. I understand now. I am expected elsewhere.


  • Yonada's Spirit says: Alliance - they've surrounded the camp! What are they doing here? Why are they attacking Taurajo? Get the children - run! RUN!


  • Dranh's Spirit says: I can feel the embrace now of all living things, the Earthmother's eternal peace. Thank you.


  • Krulmoo's Spirit says: I ran to wake up the others when the attack hit. Were they able to escape? I tried to fight off the soldiers with a skinning knife...

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