Quest:Hunt the Keeper

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Alliance 32 Hunt the Keeper
StartFraggar Thundermantle
EndFraggar Thundermantle
Requires Level 30
CategoryThe Hinterlands
Experience458-4,350 XP
or  at Level 90
Rewards[Unkeeper Blade] or
[Leggings of Secret Rituals] or
[Gloves of Strange Words] or
[Tablet-Bearer's Pauldrons]

Objectives Edit

Kill Morta'gya the Keeper and obtain the Tablet of Shadra.

Description Edit

Shadra the spider loa... the venom queen, a spirit of darkness and death! If there's been a sacrifice, they're trying to bring her forth as a last-ditch effort.

If the Vilebranch are performing rituals, I'm not going to let them finish.

Check the cave behind the altar at the top of Jintha'Alor. Deep within it, one of Shadra's keepers might still be lurking. Kill her and take whatever she carries back here so we can know what's going on.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv weapon shortblade 16
[Unkeeper Blade]
Inv pants cloth 39
[Leggings of Secret Rituals]
Inv gauntlets 116
[Gloves of Strange Words]
Inv shoulder 147
[Tablet-Bearer's Pauldrons]

You will also receive:65Silver

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