Quest:In Favor of the Light (Dun Morogh)

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Alliance 32 In Favor of the Light (2)
StartBranstock Khalder
EndMaxan Anvol
Requires Level 4
Experience90 XP
or 54Copper at Level 90
NextGarments of the Light (Dun Morogh)

Objectives Edit

Speak to Maxan Anvol in Dun Morogh.

Description Edit

Hey! <name>! Got a minute?!

Ya been following the Light now for long enough that you find your way to Maxan Anvol in Kharanos. He'll teach ya more about the path yer following, and if you prove worthy, give ya yer first set of robes to denote your station as a <priest/priestess>.

Now get goin'! As soon as yer done here, head through the tunnel--he'll be waitin' for ya.

Completion Edit

Oh, so Branstock sent ya, did he? Good, good! He's right, it is 'bout time you started taking a much larger step into the Light. It'll build character and make ya stronger... an' that's what you'll need more than anything: strength of body... strength of will.

Gains Edit

  • 90 XP (or 60Copper at level 70)

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [4] In Favor of the Light (Dun Morogh)
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [4] Garments of the Light (Dun Morogh)

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