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Horde 32 Inform Leoroxx!
StartSpiritcaller Dohgar
Requires Level 65
CategoryBlade's Edge Mountains
Experience1,200 XP
or 7Silver19Copper at Level 90
PreviousGather the Orbs
NextThere Can Be Only One Response

Inform Leoroxx! Tell him what is happening to Mok'Nathal souls!

Objectives Edit

Spiritcaller Dohgar has implored you to inform Leoroxx about what the Razaani ethereal are up to. He can be found at Mok'Nathal Village in the Blade's Edge Mountains.

Description Edit

Quickly, you must inform Leoroxx of what is transpiring up at Razaan's Landing!

Those orbs were comprised of souls, some of them Mok'Nathal!

Completion Edit

What you say, is it even possible? What am I saying? Of course it is, if the spiritcallers say so.

Remember before when I said that we might need your further assistance? It would seem that I can tell the future.

Quest progressionEdit

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