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*-11 with [[The Scryers]]
*-11 with [[The Scryers]]
== External links ==
==External links==
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Neutral 32 Ishanah
Level65 (Requires 60)
Experience1100 XP
Reputation10 The Aldor -11 The Scryers

Objectives Edit

Speak to Ishanah inside the Shrine of Unending Light at the Aldor Rise in Shattrath City.

Performing quests for the Aldor will cause your Scryers reputation level to decrease.

Description Edit

Now that you've decided to side with the Aldor, you'd do well to introduce yourself to their leader. You will find High Priestess Ishanah inside the Shrine of Unending Light.


Welcome, <name>.  I'm glad to hear you've decided to join us in our mission.  May the Light always protect you.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 1100 XP (or 66Silver at level 70)

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