Quest:Jaina's Locket

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Neutral 32 Jaina's Locket
StartLady Jaina Proudmoore
EndLady Jaina Proudmoore
Level80 (Requires 80)
Reputation+250 Ashen Verdict
Rewards[Jaina's Locket]
7 Gold 40 Silver

Provided item Edit

Progress Edit

Yes, <class>? How can I assist you?

Completion Edit

What... how did you manage to come by this!?

You have done me a great service, hero. My heart could not bear to keep this locket, but I will place an enchantment upon it that you may find useful. Do with it as you please, but do not forget those that assisted you in this monumental feat.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

You will also receive:

[Jaina's Locket]

Dialogue Edit

Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: What's this!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: He... he kept it? All this time, he kept it!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I knew!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: I sensed a part of him still alive! Trapped... struggling... Oh, Arthas!
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: Perhaps - perhaps he might someday remember what he once was.
Lady Jaina Proudmoore says: By the Light, may he at last find rest, free from the icy grip of that terrible blade.

Patches and hotfixes Edit

Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.3.3 (2010-03-23): Added.

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