Quest:Look To The Stars (2)

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Alliance 32 Look To The Stars (2)
StartViktori Prism'Antras
EndBlind Mary
Level25 (Requires 20)
PreviousLook To The Stars
NextLook To The Stars (3)

Look To The Stars (2) sends the adventurer to find a relfective mirror.

Objectives Edit

Locate Mary and persuade her to give up a reflective surface for Viktori's project.

Description Edit

According to Cog's blueprint, what I need now is a way to reflect light. I remember a woman by the name of Mary who became well known around these parts for always carrying a looking glass. Perhaps you can track Mary down and see if she might lend us a reflective surface for this project? I believe she once resided in southern Duskwood. . .

Details Edit

Completion Edit

Why yes, I used to own a looking glass.

Quest progressionEdit

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