Quest:Look To The Stars (4)

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Alliance 32 Look To The Stars (4)
StartViktori Prism'Antras
EndViktori Prism'Antras
Level30 (Requires 21)
ReputationStormwind +250
PreviousLook To The Stars (3)

Look To The Stars (4) sends the adventurer to defeat an ogre which has another item needed by Viktori.

Objectives Edit

Locate Zzarc'Vul in the southern ogre mound in Duskwood and return his monocle to Viktori in Darkshire.

Item Needed:

Description Edit

Now there is just one more item needed to complete this device. Cog's blueprint calls for a lens of some sort. The only lens I know of that would be large enough will be very difficult to acquire.

There is an ogre by the name of Zzarc'Vul who resides in the mound in southern Duskwood. If you can, bring to me his monocle and I will use that as our lens!

Details Edit

  • Zzarc'Vul can be found in the Vul'Gol Ogre Mound. He can spawn in multiple places so you might have to do a little searching around to find him.

Rewards Edit

Inv gauntlets 20
Inv belt 06

Progress Edit

Were you able to convince Zzarc'Vul to lend us his monocle for our experiment?

Completion Edit

At last! The stargazing device is complete! Thank you, <name>. Now I can continue my research. . .

Quest progressionEdit

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