Quest:Making Something Out of Nothing

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Neutral 32 Making Something Out Of Nothing
StartEngineer Reed
EndEngineer Reed
Level76 (Requires 74)
Experience21150 (or 12Gold 69Silver at level 80)
Reputation+250 Argent Crusade
NextOur Only Hope


Engineer Reed at Crusader Forward Camp in Zul'Drak has asked that you recover 10 pieces of Scourge Scrap Metal.


Prince Navarius must be stopped. We can't let the Scourge continue to use this area as a zombie factory. If we can get the tank operational we might stand a chance. What I need right now are spare parts.

Northwest of here is an area called Thrym's End. The Scourge armies are using the area as a base of sorts. Spread out across the base is the wreckage from their arrival. Bits and pieces of Scourge scrap metal litter the landscape. Get that stuff to me and I'll try and put it to good use.


I really don't know if this plan will work, <name>. Just bring me the scrap metal and I'll do what I can.


What is this junk! Ah, damn it all! It's useless. Scourge metal isn't gonna do the trick. What are we going to do?


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