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Horde 32 More Spinal Dust
StartMagistrix Aminel [49, 31]
EndMagistrix Aminel [49, 31]
Requires Level 18
Reputation+500 Tranquillien
Rewards[Scourgebane Infusion]
PreviousSpinal Dust

Objectives Edit

You've procured more spinal dust? I can use as much of it as you bring me.

Completion Edit

This dust is as potent as ever, <name>. Keep bringing it to me if you're in need to boost your magical powers against the Scourge.

Reward Edit

You receive
Inv potion 1955

Gains Edit

Notes Edit

This is a repeatable quest. It is not possible to have this quest in your questbook. The questgiver has a blue ? when only the two repeatable quests are available.

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