Quest:No Mercy for the Captured

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Horde 32 No Mercy for the Captured
StartSpy Mistress Repine
EndHigh Executor Wroth
Level72 (Requires 71)
Experience20300 (or 4 Gold 86 Silver compensation at level 80)
Reputation250 The Hand of Vengeance
Rewards5 Gold

Objectives Edit

Spy Mistress Repine has asked you to slay Deathguard Schneider, Senior Scrivener Barriga, Engineer Burke, and Chancellor Amai.

When you've accomplished this task, report your success to High Executor Wroth at Venomspite.

  • Deathguard Schneider slain
  • Senior Scrivener Barriga slain
  • Engineer Burke slain
  • Chancellor Amai slain

Description Edit

We have more fools for you to kill.

My agents tell me that several of our good citizens have seen fit to fall into the hands of the Scarlet Onslaught.

This will not do.

Go back to New Hearthglen and eliminate Deathguard Schneider, Senior Scrivener Barriga, Engineer Burke and Chancellor Amai.

From what I hear, they're spread out throughout the area. No doubt they are being kept in cages awaiting torture.

Speak with them and then kill them!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 5 Gold

Completion Edit

What? You were expecting us to have you rescue them?

Now why would we do that when they have a proven track record of getting themselves captured in the first place?

Northrend is a cold place, young <name>. I suggest that you adjust to it.

Gains Edit

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