Quest:Our Aquatic Neigh-Bors

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Alliance 32 Our Aquatic Neigh-Bors
StartCaptain Glovaal
EndCaptain Glovaal
Level81 (Requires 80)
CategoryAbyssal Depths
Rewards7 Gold 80 Silver
PreviousFull Circle
NextThe Brothers Digsong

Objectives Edit

Use the Seahorse Lasso near the kelp atop the pillars in Korthun's End to capture 5 Panicked Seahorses.

  • Seahorse captured x5

Provided item: Inv misc noose 01  [Seahorse Lasso]

Description Edit

Good fortune to you, comrade.

The reinforcements are here, and they are bringink food, and men, and fresh mounts. The problem is that our mounts are highly immobile when placed under the water.

Directly above this cave, you will find tall pillars with red, leafy kelp on their tops. Seahorses hide in the kelp. Throw this lasso into the kelp and catch us some mounts for usink in the water.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7 Gold 80 Silver

Progress Edit

I did not count enough seahorses, <name>. Return to Korthun's End.

Completion Edit

You are beink very resourceful, comrade! Well done.

Notes Edit

Pick up Bio-Fuel before heading out. Swim out of the cave, then straight up, then turn around back to the southwest to reach Korthrun's End. The kelp is bright red. Swim close to a random bit of it and use the lasso. It will either summon a seahorse or a Combat 15  Furious Thresher. Keep an eye out for Combat 15  Hellscream Seadogs: killing one of them will start Claim Korthun's End.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15  [81] Full Circle (optional)
  2. Complete all of:
  3. Official alliance mini-icon  [81] The Brothers Digsong / Official horde mini-icon  [81] Orako
  4. Official alliance mini-icon  [81] Phosphora Hunting / Official horde mini-icon  [81] "Glow-Juice"
  5. Complete all of:
  6. Official alliance mini-icon  [81] One Last Favor / Official horde mini-icon  [81] Orako's Report
  7. Neutral 15  [82] Treasure Reclamation
  8. Neutral 15  [82] Promontory Point
  9. Neutral 15  [82] Scalding Shrooms / Neutral 15  [82] Into the Totem
  10. Neutral 15  [82] ... It Will Come
  11. Neutral 15  [82] Unplug L'ghorek
  12. Neutral 15  [82] Communing with the Ancient
  13. Neutral 15  [82] Runestones of Binding / Neutral 15  [82] Ascend No More!
  14. Neutral 15  [82] Twilight Extermination
  15. Neutral 15  [82] All that Rises
  16. Official alliance mini-icon  [82] Back to Darkbreak Cove / Official horde mini-icon  [82] Back to the Tenebrous Cavern
  17. Neutral 15  [82] Defending the Rift

Patch historyEdit

Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3 (15-Nov-2010): Added

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