Quest:Prime Slime

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Alliance 32 Prime Slime
StartDron Blastbrew
EndDron Blastbrew
Level32 (Requires 29)
CategoryThe Hinterlands
Rewards[Wand of Oomph] or
[Blastbrew Hat] or
[Direglob-Slimed Belt]
65 Silver

Objectives Edit

Collect a Direglob Sample from The Direglob.

Description Edit

Not many dwarves know this, but to get a REAL kick out of my brew I add a wee bit of the oozes around here. Aye, the giant green dwarf-eatin' oozes, those ones.

This brew's gonna have a HUGE kick to it though, so we need a huge slime! There's one lurkin' down in Skulk Rock that's the mother o' them all, absolutely huge...the Direglob, we call it.

If you've got what it takes, head down there and take a chunk out of the Direglob for me!


Look at it! That'll put some oomph into the mix!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
[Wand of Oomph] [Blastbrew Hat]
[Direglob-Slimed Belt]

You will also receive:65 Silver


When fighting Direglob it's going to swallow you whole and start digesting (damaging) you until either you or it are dead. You can both dps Direglob and heal yourself while being digested. (unless the mob is bugged) You cannot use abilities that normally break stun or crowd control. (i.e. mages cannot blink out) So it's either a battle for survival or a DPS race depending on your class and talent build.

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