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Alliance 32 Raptor Captor
StartSergeant Lukas
EndSergeant Lukas
Level37 (Requires 33)
CategoryDustwallow Marsh
Experience3700 (or 22 Silver 20 Copper at 70)


Sergeant Lukas at North Point Tower wants you to capture 6 raptors. You can capture either Bloodfen Raptors or Bloodfen Screechers.


The patch of swamp to the northeast is home to a particularly nasty breed of raptors. We've lost more than one unwary soldier to them, but I think we can turn them against our Grimtotem neighbors.

Take this rope and use it to capture bloodfen raptors or bloodfen screechers that you've subdued. I wouldn't try to capture one of the beasts until you've weakened them quite a bit in combat. It's going to be quite a struggle.


Did you capture those raptors?


You look a little scratched up, but nothing major. You're certainly in a lot better shape than the Grimtotems will be when our new raptor friends get done with them.


You will receive: 40 Silver .

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