Quest:Salve via Skinning

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Neutral 32 Salve via Disenchanting
StartOfficial alliance mini-icon Arathandris Silversky Official horde mini-icon Maybess Riverbreeze
EndOfficial alliance mini-icon Arathandris Silversky Official horde mini-icon Maybess Riverbreeze
Requires Level 48
Rewards2x[Cenarion Plant Salve]

Horde receive this quest from Official horde mini-icon Maybess Riverbreeze, while Alliance get it from Official alliance mini-icon Arathandris Silversky. The first time it is completed, it counts towards the Achievement zone kalimdor 01 [Loremaster of Kalimdor] achievement. The repeatable version offered after that does not.

You must be a skinner to be offered this quest.

Objectives Edit

A Cenarion beacon will allow a well-trained skinner to spot patches of tainted skin from bounty gathered in Felwood. I convert these seemingly useless patches into a thick paste that serves as a quickening agent for Cenarion plant salve. When you skin your kills here in Felwood, be sure to have a beacon on you!

When you collect tainted patches, bring them to me and I will give you some Cenarion plant salves that I have already made.

Completion Edit

This is exactly what I need. Here - take these plant salves and use them to reclaim Felwood from the corruption. We must persevere, <name>!

Reward Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

The first time this is completed, you also gain 6100 XP.

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