Quest:Seasoned Wolf Kabobs

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Alliance 32 Seasoned Wolf Kabobs
StartChef Grual
EndChef Grual
Level25 (Requires 18)

Other Requirements Edit

Requires Cooking Skill of 50 as of patch 4.0.1

Objectives Edit

Gather 10 Lean Wolf Flanks and Stormwind Seasoning Herbs and return to Chef Grual in Darkshire.

Items Needed:

Description Edit

Seasoned Wolf Kabobs are a house favorite! Sure, I can make you some. But first I'll need the supplies. Bring me 10 Lean Wolf Flanks as well as some Stormwind Seasoning Herbs. There are so many wolves here in the forest, I am sure finding the Flanks will be no problem. For the herbs, seek out Felicia Gump in her canal district flower shop in Stormwind.

Reward Edit

You will be rewarded with all of the following:

Progress Edit

Were you able to find 10 Lean Wolf Flanks yet? How about the herbs from Felicia in Stormwind?

Completion Edit

Very nice work, <name>! Enjoy the delicacy known as Seasoned Wolf Kabob!

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