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Alliance 32 Secrets of the Daggerfen
StartTimothy Daniels
EndTimothy Daniels
Requires Level 62
Experience10,750 XP
or 64Silver50Copper at Level 90
Rewards[Tim's Trusty Helmet] [Crimson Steer Energy Drink]
3Gold 10Silver


Bring the Daggerfen Poison Manual and a Daggerfen Poison Vial to Timothy Daniels at the Orebor Harborage.


Bugs, bugs, bugs! The marsh is full of them and my companions here seem obsessed with them.

Well, I've had it with the bugs! Something far more intriguing has captured my interest. To the west, there is a village of Lost Ones who call themselves the Daggerfen.

The whole tribe consists of highly specialized assassins. I've noticed them mixing and using a particularly potent kind of poison. I'm dying to know more about the poison, but that's going to require a copy of the recipe and a sample vial.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv helmet 15
Inv drink 121010

You will also receive:3Gold 10Silver


Did your search of Daggerfen Village yield the information I need in order to get to the bottom of this poison puzzle?


<Timothy leafs through the manual.>

They're using ragveil as a base for the poison? No, that can't be right. Ragveil has no toxic properties.

Including ragveil in a poison is like a rogue wielding two maces. Sure, you can do it, but it isn't true to the essence of your calling! I just can't understand...

<Timothy clears his throat.>

I mean, thank you for fetching these for me. I'll try out the poison as soon as time permits.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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