Quest:Silencing Rageroar

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Alliance 32 Silencing Rageroar
StartTolliver Houndstooth
EndTolliver Houndstooth
Level31 (Requires 28)
CategorySouthern Barrens
Rewards[Boots of the Fallen Brother] or
[Rageroar Trophy]
60 Silver

Objectives Edit

Slay 4 Rageroar Lieutenants and acquire Rageroar's Helm by killing Karga Rageroar.

Description Edit

I have encountered the Rageroar clan before, <name>. They are led not by an orc, but by a monster - a war-gorged fiend without a shred of decency or compassion. He and his lieutenants must be killed, not just to save Northwatch, but for the good of all of Azeroth.

Karga Rageroar wears a helm. Execute him, <class>, and bring the helm to me. It is of ... particular importance.

Rageroar has made his camp across the chasm, east of here.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
[Boots of the Fallen Brother] [Rageroar Trophy]

You will also receive: 60 Silver

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