Quest:Single Mark of Kil'jaeden

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Neutral 32 Single Mark of Kil'jaeden
StartAdyen the Lightwarden
EndAdyen the Lightwarden
Level65 (Requires 65)
ReputationThe Aldor 25 The Scryers -27

Objectives Edit

I'll take any leftover marks you might have.  Do not worry; your actions will be duly noted.

Completion Edit

You continue to prove your worth, <name>.  Fight the enemies of the Light wherever you may find them; your actions will be well-rewarded.
<This quest can be repeated up to Honored reputation.>

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Notes Edit

See also More Marks of Kil'jaeden for handing in Marks in stacks of 10. The two quests give the same amount of reputation per Mark.

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