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Horde 32 Spirits Are With Us
Rewards16Gold 54Silver
PreviousSerpents and Poison
NextNesingwary Will Know

Objectives Edit

Prepare the bonfire in front of the serpent shrine near Bambala for Bwemba's ritual.

  • Use the bonfire near Bambala

Description Edit

Dere was something about da way da serpents attacked, <name>. Something unnatural... Even da poison had a hint of some bad mojo.

Dere be a shrine near here wit' a bonfire. We can use dat to perform a ritual.

Whatever be makin' dese serpents attack, dey probably still watchin' over dem.

Da only problem, <name>, is dat I only be here in spirit form. I need you to be my hands. I need you to go to da fire an' prepare it for me. Den I'll handle da rest.


Venoxis... Dis can't be good, <name>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 16Gold 54Silver
  • 69400 XP


  • As soon as the ritual is performed, it is revealed that High Priest Venoxis was behind the serpent attacks.


Bwemba says: Now let's see what Bwemba's conjured up...
High Priest Venoxis says: You disssssturb the plans of Gurubashi, little one. It'sss too late for you. Too late for all of you!
High Priest Venoxis says: My ssssserpents, dey already ssssslither beneath every rock an' shrub of Ssssstranglethorn.
High Priest Venoxis says: We will reclaim thisss land. Gurubashi land. An' we kill anyone dat getssss in our way!
Bwemba says: Dis is serious business. Venoxis ain't one to trifle wit'.

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