Quest:Spirits of Stonemaul Hold

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Neutral 32 Spirits of Stonemaul Hold
Requires Level 35
CategoryDustwallow Marsh
Experience4,600 XP
or 27Silver60Copper at Level 90
PreviousThe Essence of Enmity
NextChallenge to the Black Flight


Brogg, at Mudsprocket, wants you to put 10 Stonemaul Spirits to rest.


Brogg has completed the totem that will put the spirits of his friends to rest. When the dragonkin came, they killed all Stonemaul who did not flee. Brogg fled with Overlord Mok'Morokk, hoping to lead a counterattack with other Stonemaul survivors.

The counterattack never came and the spirits of the Stonemaul dead still haunt Brogg and the others. Take this totem north to Stonemaul Ruins and use it near ogre skeletons to draw the spirit to you. Defeat the spirit to give it rest with its bones.


Brogg must know, have you brought peace to the violent spirits of the Stonemaul?


Brogg thanks you for your help, although he knows Overlord Mok'Morokk never will. At least surviving Stonemaul can finally focus on problems with the living and leave the dead where they belong. Only one thing remains for Brogg to do.


You will receive: 55Silver

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