Quest:Stop the Siege (Alliance)

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Alliance 32 Stop the Siege
StartSenior Demolitionist Legoso
EndSenior Demolitionist Legoso
Level80 (Requires 78)
TypeWeekly PvP
Rewards10 [Stone Keeper's Shard]
620 Pvpcurrency-honor-alliance
7 Gold 40 Silver (or 13 Gold 23 Silver at 80)

Objectives Edit

Senior Demolitionist Legoso in Wintergrasp Fortress wants you to destroy 3 Horde siege machines.

  • Horde Siege Devices destroyed (3)

Description Edit

It is only a matter of time before this castle is besieged by the forces of the Horde. Destroy three of their siege devices and return here.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7 Gold 40 Silver Bonus honor: 620 Pvpcurrency-honor-alliance
[Stone Keeper's Shard]

Completion Edit

Excellent. That should slow down their assault.

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