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Alliance 32 The Arts of a Rogue
StartKelsey Steelspark
EndKelsey Steelspark
Level2 (Requires 2)
CategoryNew Tinkertown
Rewards[Death Star]
40 Copper

The Arts of a Rogue is a Rogue only quest to teach you how to use the first Rogue spell you will learn from a trainer, Eviscerate.


Speak to Kelsey Steelspark to learn Eviscerate, then find a Training Dummy in New Tinkertown and practice using Eviscerate 3 times.


I have a Technique I want to show you.

One of a Rogue's most potent abilities is to chain together moves in a combination, exploiting your enemy's weakness and opening up the opportunity to use stronger maneuvers. The technique I want to teach you is called Eviscerate. It it intended for use at the end of a combination to provide a strong finish to your assault.

Try using it after a landing a couple of Sinister Strikes.


You will receive: 0 Gold 0 Silver 40 Copper
Death Star


As you progress in skill, you will learn more Techniques that allow you to create combinations of deadly maneuvers.


I'm not surprised to see you're such a quick study. I look forward to showing you more of our tricks of the trade.


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