Quest:The Balance of Nature

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Alliance 32 The Balance of Nature
StartConservator Ilthalaine
EndConservator Ilthalaine
Level2 (Requires 1)
Experience170 XP
Reputation+175 Darnassus
Rewards Inv gauntlets 05  [Archery Training Gloves] or
Inv bracer 12  [Stemleaf Bracers]
35 Copper
Next Official alliance mini-icon  [3] The Balance of Nature (2)

Objectives Edit

Kill 7 Young Nightsabers and 4 Young Thistle Boars and return to Conservator Ilthalaine.

Description Edit

Greetings, <name>. I am Conservator Ilthalaine. My purpose in Shadowglen is to ensure that the balance of nature is maintained.

The spring rains were particularly heavy this year, causing some of the forest's beasts to flourish while others suffered.

Unfortunately, the nightsaber and thistle boar populations grew too large. Shadowglen can only produce so much food for the beasts. Journey forth, young <class>, and thin the boar and saber populations so that nature's harmony will be preserved.


There is still work to be done, <name>. Return to me once you have thinned the nightsaber and thistle boar populations.


You performed your duties well, <name>.

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

You will also receive: 35 Copper

Quest Progression Edit

Completion of this quest will also allow one to receive a class specific quest:

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