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Alliance 32 The Battle of Alterac
StartProspector Stonehewer
EndProspector Stonehewer
Requires Level 51
CategoryAlterac Valley
Experience9,950 XP
or 59Silver69Copper at Level 90
NextHero of the Stormpike


Enter Alterac Valley, defeat the Horde general Drek'thar, and then return to Prospector Stonehewer in the Alterac Mountains.


The Explorers' League believes there are artifacts in Alterac Valley, but the Frostwolf orcs won't let us explore. We can't allow the Horde to stop our scholarly pursuits! Defeat the Frostwolf general, Drek'Thar. With him dead, the orcs will lose their edge.

Drek'Thar is in Frostwolf Keep, in the south of Alterac Valley. Vanquish him, and then return to me.


Upon completion of this quest, you can speak to the NPC again to receive the quest Hero of the Stormpike where you will be able to choose one of the following weapons:

Inv wand 01
Inv spear 04
Inv weapon crossbow 07
Inv hammer 22

The Horde have a quest along similar lines, The Battle for Alterac to kill the Alliance general. Their quest leads to Hero of the Frostwolf, yielding the same choice of weapon rewards as given to the Alliance.

In essence, this quest requires you to win AV. You should pick up this quest before you head into the battleground for the first time.

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