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Neutral 32 The Codex of Blood
StartField Commander Mahfuun
EndField Commander Mahfuun
Level70 (Requires 68)
CategoryShadow Labyrinth
Experience15800 EXP (or 9 Gold 48 Silver at level 70)
Reputation+350 Lower City
Previous Neutral 15  [70] Trouble at Auchindounω τ ϖ
Next Neutral 15  [70] Into the Heart of the Labyrinthω τ ϖ


Read from the Codex of Blood in the Shadow Labyrinth of Auchindoun.


It has been two years since the Shadow Council summoning that resulted in the explosion of this once-great mausoleum, and the formation of the Bone Wastes.

Now they are at war with an unbelievably powerful force on the inside.

<name>, you must make your way into the Shadow Labyrinth to determine what they are up against, and to see if it poses a threat to us. Our spies speak of their use of a forbidden book of unholy summoning, known only as the Codex of Blood.

Seek your answers within its pages.


Opening the magically-suspended tome, a sense of dread overwhelms you.

Something is most definitely wrong here!

You read on, but what you read seems unbelievable!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression

Quest:Trouble at Auchindoun/Quest chain

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