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Alliance 32 The Emitter
StartIconSmall Draenei MaleOfficial alliance mini-icon Vindicator Aldar [79, 51]
EndIconSmall Draenei FemaleOfficial alliance mini-icon Technician Zhanaa [79, 51]
CategoryAmmen Vale
Experience10-110 XP
or  at Level 90
ReputationExodar +25
PreviousOfficial alliance mini-icon [5] Blood Elf Spy
NextOfficial alliance mini-icon [5] Travel to Azure Watch

The Emitter is an Alliance-only quest in the draenei starting area, Ammen Vale. This quest is only available after a chain which starts with Official alliance mini-icon [4] Inoculation from Vindicator Aldar at the Crash Site.

How to Get This Quest Edit

After turning in Official alliance mini-icon [5] Blood Elf Spy to Vindicator Aldar at the Crash Site, this quest becomes available.

Objectives Edit

Speak with Technician Zhanaa at the Crash Site in Ammen Vale.

Details Edit

Talk to Technician Zhanaa, she's right next to Aldar.

Description Edit

<name>, while you were out investigating the Shadow Ridge, Zhanaa here has been going on about the holographic emitter. You might want to speak with her.

Progress Edit

I got it, I got it! I think I managaed to fix the emitter! Here, I'll just activate this last crystal and that should do it.

Take a look at the emitter, <name>. It looks like it's beginning to work... someone is appearing!

Completion Edit

Image of Technician Dyvuun says: By the seven Ata'mal crystals! Others have survived the crash! Zhanaa, is that you? It is so good to see you again!

And who do we have here? No doubt th... crzzzk ...ade this communication possible? I give you greetings fro... psshzzzk... Azure Watch.

Judging by your signal we put you... ust southeast of the larger part of the island we crashed onto. Cross the Crystalbrook River to ge... kshhhhk zzzt. Sorry, there's a lot of stat...

Quest Progression Edit

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