Quest:The Faceless Ones

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Neutral 32 The Faceless Ones
StartKilix the Unraveler
EndKilix the Unraveler
Requires Level 73
CategoryAhn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
Rewards[Mantle of Thwarted Evil], [Shoulderpads of Abhorrence], [Shoulderplates of the Abolished] or [Epaulets of the Faceless Ones]


Kilix the Unraveler in the Pit of Narjun wants you to kill Herald Volazj and the three Forgotten Ones that accompany him in Ahn'Kahet.


In my peoples' struggle against the forces of the undead, they dug deeper as they lost ground. In desperation, they dug too deep.

We inadvertently exposed a tendril of the old god's will, which was made manifest in the creatures known only as the Faceless.

In the end, we could not fight on two fronts against such powerful enemies. Our misfortune cost us the war against the undead, and ultimately, our home.

Enter Ahn'kahet, <class>, and cleanse our former home of these Faceless atrocities.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv shoulder 06
[Mantle of Thwarted Evil]
Inv shoulder 74
[Shoulderpads of Abhorrence]
Inv shoulder 92
[Shoulderplates of the Abolished]
Inv shoulder 77
[Epaulets of the Faceless Ones]


Have you overcome the faceless ones, <class>?


You have done well, <class>.

May your deeds renew hope for our people, that someday we may reclaim the city of our ancestors.

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