Quest:The Final Reagents

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Neutral 32 The Final Reagents
Level65 (Requires 64)
CategoryTerokkar Forest
Experience10000 EXP (or 6 Gold at level 70)
Rewards[Kokorek's Signet]

[Cloak of Grasping Talons]

[Arakkoa Sage's Shawl]
Previous Neutral 15  [65] A Show of Good Faith
Next Neutral 15  [65] Primal Magic

Objectives Edit

Bring 5 Warp Hunter Essences and 30 Terokkar Chokeberries to Kokorek at Veil Lithic.

  • Inv misc food 43 Terokkar Chokeberry (30)
  • Inv misc gem pearl 05 Warp Hunter Essence (5)

Description Edit

I can create an item that will neutralize the ward spells protecting Veil Shalas, but be warned, <name>. The magic will only work as long as your friend is held captive. I will not give you a means to attack my people at will. I have most of the materials I require to create the charm, but there are a couple that I'm going to need you to gather before I can finish the work. I'll need some warp hunter essence and a handful of Terokkar chokeberries. Both can be found in the area around the veil.

Reward Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards

Progress Edit

Have you brought the rest of the reagents?

Completion Edit

Excellent. This will take just a moment.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 10000 XP (or 6 Gold at level 70)

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official alliance mini-icon  [65] Prospector Balmoral or Official horde mini-icon  [65] Lookout Nodak
  2. Neutral 15  [65] Scouting the Defenses
  3. Neutral 15  [65] Seeking Help from the Source
  4. Neutral 15  [65] A Show of Good Faith
  5. Neutral 15  [65] The Final Reagents
  6. Neutral 15  [65] Primal Magic
  7. Official alliance mini-icon  [65] Rescue Deirom! or Official horde mini-icon  [65] Rescue Dugar!

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