Quest:The General's Edge

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Horde 32 The General's Edge
StartNazgrim's Axe
EndGeneral Nazgrim
CategoryJade Forest
Experience52,050 XP
or 12Gold40Silver49Copper at Level 90
RewardsUncommon item
7Gold 10Silver
PreviousInto the Mists (old)
NextHigher Ground (old)
Horde Justice
Standard Protocol
Burial at Sea

Objectives Edit

Bring Nazgrim's axe to General Nazgrim.


Description Edit

As you gradually gather your senses and begin to take in your surroundings, this object stands out amongst the strewn wreckage.

It occurs to you that this is the first time you've seen Nazgrim's axe outside of his tight grasp. Somehow, this fact makes your predicament even more unsettling...

You know that dead or alive, the General would want his weapon back in his possession.

Completion Edit

Ungh... Wha?

My weapon?

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 52050 XP
  • 7Gold 10Silver
You will be able to choose from the following additional rewards:
Item Class Spec(s)
[Scavenger's Crossbow] IconSmall Hunter Hunter BM Spec RoundIconMarks Spec RoundIconSurv Spec RoundIcon
[Scavenger's Club] IconSmall Monk Monk
IconSmall Rogue Rogue
IconSmall Shaman Shaman
Wind Spec RoundIcon
Arms Spec RoundIconComb Spec RoundIconSubt Spec RoundIcon
Enh Spec RoundIcon
[Scavenger's Divining Rod] IconSmall Mage Mage
IconSmall Warlock Warlock
Arc Spec RoundIconFrost Spec RoundIconFire Spec RoundIcon
Affl spec roundiconDemon Spec RoundIconDestro Spec RoundIcon
[Scavenger's Meditation Staff] IconSmall Druid Druid
IconSmall Monk Monk
IconSmall Priest Priest
Bal Spec RoundIconDResto Spec RoundIcon
Mist Spec RoundIcon
Disc Spec RoundIconPaHoly Spec RoundIconShad Spec RoundIcon
[Scavenger's Battlemace] IconSmall Deathknight Death Knight
IconSmall Paladin Paladin
IconSmall Warrior Warrior
Blood Spec RoundIconDkFrost Spec RoundIconUnholy Spec RoundIcon
Ret Spec RoundIcon
Arms Spec RoundIconFury Spec RoundIcon
You will be able to choose from the following additional rewards:
Item Class Spec(s)
[Scavenger's Dagger] IconSmall Rogue Rogue Arms Spec RoundIconComb Spec RoundIconSubt Spec RoundIcon
[Scavenger's Combat Staff] IconSmall Druid Druid
IconSmall Monk Monk
New Feral Spec RoundIconFeral Spec RoundIcon
Brew Spec RoundIconWind Spec RoundIcon
[Scavenger's Scepter] IconSmall Paladin Paladin
IconSmall Shaman Shaman
PaHoly Spec RoundIcon
Elem Spec RoundIconSResto Spec RoundIcon
[Scavenger's Handaxe] IconSmall Deathknight Death Knight
IconSmall Warrior Warrior
DkFrost Spec RoundIcon
Fury Spec RoundIcon
[Scavenger's Battlehammer] IconSmall Paladin Paladin
IconSmall Warrior Warrior
PProt Spec RoundIcon
WProt Spec RoundIcon

Dialogue Edit

Nazgrim rises from the ground, axe in hand. He immediately wants to see the condition of his zeppelin and the status of his crew.

Ugh... My head still swims, friend. Come, show me the wreckage.
My men. All dead? No...

Progression Edit

  1. Official horde mini-icon [85] The Art of War (old)
  2. Official horde mini-icon [85] Into the Mists (old)
  3. Official horde mini-icon [85] The General's Edge
  4. Complete all of the following:

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