Quest:The Glowing Fruit

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Alliance 32 The Glowing Fruit
StartStrange Fruited Plant
Requires Level 6
Experience850 XP
or 5Silver9Copper at Level 90
ReputationDarnassus +250
Rewards3Silver 50Copper

Objectives Edit

Bring the glowing fruit to Denalan at Lake Al'Ameth.


Hanging from beneath its fronds of this glowing plant is a large, round fruit.

Denalan would want to study this fruit, you are certain.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 3Silver 50Copper

Progress Edit

<name>, you look like you have something to tell me. Do you have news concerning the timberlings?

Completion Edit

You found this on Teldrassil? Intriguing... this fruit is exotic. Perhaps its seeds were brought here from far off. Perhaps even as far as Azeroth! And there's something about this fruit... it seems to have reacted very strangely with the soil of Teldrassil.

Thank you, <name>. Now if you'll excuse me, I must study this further...

Notes Edit

You will need one inventory spot free to accept this quest and receive the [Glowing Fruit], which is required to complete this quest.

On completion, Denalan will plant the seeds in his prepared soil and spawn three Boglings. Watch out!

Quest progression Edit

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [5] Denalan's Earth
  2. Both of the following:
  3. Official alliance mini-icon [7] Rellian Greenspyre
  4. Official alliance mini-icon [9] Tumors
  5. Official alliance mini-icon [9] Return to Denalan
  6. Official alliance mini-icon [9G] Oakenscowl

Completing the chain up to the Official alliance mini-icon [7] Timberling Seeds and Official alliance mini-icon [7] Timberling Sprouts quests opens up the following quests:

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