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Alliance 32 The Hidden Chamber
EndProspector Stormpike
Requires Level 35
Experience6,550 XP
or 39Silver30Copper at Level 90
Reputation+125 Darnassus
+125 Exodar
+125 Gnomeregan Exiles
+125 Ironforge
+125 Stormwind
Rewards[Dwarven Charge] or [Explorers' League Lodestar]
PreviousThe Lost Dwarves


Read Baelog's Journal, explore the hidden chamber, then report to Prospector Stormpike.

  • Explore the Hidden Chamber


Now for the task at hand.

There is a secret chamber, the Chamber of Khaz'mul, that must be explored. The problem is that the chamber's behind a huge, locked door! It's a lucky thing I know how to open it.

I've described everything in my journal, here on the table. My band and I are stuck here for now... so you, <name>, must find the chamber of Khaz'mul for us!

Read my journal, explore the chamber, then report to Prospector Stormpike at the Explorers' League in Ironforge.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv axe 09
[Dwarven Charge]
Inv misc lantern 01
[Explorers' League Lodestar]


You have seen the Chamber of Khaz'mul? Amazing! Baelog was sure it existed, but I must admit that I had my doubts.

Thank you, <name>. With luck your finding will incite our leaders to renew their efforts to retake Uldaman. And if it is ever again under Ironforge control, then the secrets of the Chamber of Khaz'mul will be ours!


Quest progression

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [40D] The Lost Dwarves
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [40D] The Hidden Chamber

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