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Horde 32 The Lost Empire
StartKilix the Unraveler
EndOverlord Agmar
Requires Level 71
Experience15,250 XP
or 91Silver50Copper at Level 90
Reputation+150 Horde Expedition
RewardsYou will be able to choose one of these rewards:[Wastewind Cinch] or [Snowfall Reaver Gloves] or [Iceshear Bindings] or [Stonepath Sabatons]
PreviousAn Enemy in Arthas


Deliver Kilix's Battle Plan to Overlord Agmar at Agmar's Hammer to the east.


You have proven that you are willing to assist the Azjol Empire in its time of need and as such the Azjol Empire will assist the Horde.

Take this scroll back to your leader. It documents the strengths and weaknesses of the Nerubians attacking Icemist Village. Consider it a gesture of good faith - a willingness to help your people. Use the knowledge on those pages to crush the Anub'ar and you will have done a service for us all.

Farewell, <race>.


What have you got there?


<Overlord Agmar looks over the document.>

Is this what I think it is? With the information contained within these pages we will CRUSH the Anub'ar assault!

You have done well to bring this document to me, <name>. Perhaps you will be allowed to watch or even participate in the final battle at Angrathar! LOK'TAR!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv belt 10
Inv gauntlets 23
Inv bracer 16
Inv boots plate 01


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