Quest:This Just In: Fire Still Hot!

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Neutral 32 This Just In: Fire Still Hot!
StartElder Shaman Moky
EndElder Shaman Moky
Level75 (Requires 74)
Reputation+250 Argent Crusade
Rewards[The Fire Extinguisher]
5 Gold 90 Silver


Elder Shaman Moky at Light's Breach in Zul'Drak wants you to use the Rageclaw Fire Extinguisher to douse 15 hut fires at Rageclaw Den.

  • Hut Fire Doused: (15)


Trolls attack Rageclaw Den and kick Rageclaw out! It get worse. Trolls now burning village! This very bad. Chief make top Rageclaw shaman, Moky, do study on fire. Results very surprising! Fire still hot and can burn things.

Will you help Rageclaw and put fire out? Moky has special Rageclaw fire extinguisher for you. Use special fire extinguisher to put out fire at Rageclaw Den to southeast. Sometimes take many sprays to douse fire, but extinguisher always have water! Rageclaw magic strong!


You will receive: Inv staff 76  [The Fire Extinguisher] and 5 Gold 90 Silver


Hrm, put fires out?


It strange because I know you put fire out, but fire still burning. Maybe this thing not so good after all, eh? Still, Moky pay you for what you do! Hopefully troll burn too!


Do this quest with Neutral 15  [75] Trolls Is Gone Crazy! too.

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